Monday, November 20, 2006

Viva Pinata

If you own an Xbox 360 and do not own this game, there is something severely wrong with you. It's horrendously addicting,  you'll love it and never want to put it down ever. I'll admit watching the videos prerelease for the game left me thinking it was a ridiculous idea for a video game. However, once I bought it I quickly realized the ridiculousness of it all is what makes it so great.

I'm not even sure how to appropriately describe the gameplay... it's like Harvest Moon made whoopie with Pokemon and 9 months later this is the fruit of their loins. Only better. Buy it, buy it now!

Here's the run down. You lure wild Pinata into your allotted garden space using various nefarious means and coax them into living there. Once you've attracted 2 of a kind you can play a little mood music, dim the lights, and breed them to make baby Pinata. Then they can live happily ever after in their customized Pinata homes.

Or not. Pinata are also prone to eat each other, or get sick and die and by die I mean explode into pieces of candy and confetti. It'll keep you busy and giggling like a school girl the entire time, I promise.