Tuesday, October 14, 2014

To The Moon

To The Moon
is an interesting little morsel of a game. Only about 3-4 hours in length, but really any longer than that would've been unnecessary. You see, the people at Freebird Games had a story to tell and it is good enough all on its own that it doesn't need any time sink bells and whistles. I absolutely LOVED the story in this game. It was unpredictable and intriguing.

The music? Nothing short of brilliant. It puts you right where you need to be while playing: in the game.

The mechanics were a little simple, but this game isn't about wading through hordes of enemies and random encounters, in fact it's an entirely noncombat game, so you don't need complicated key inputs to proceed. The focus is on the characters, their development, and the world they inhabit though, so this makes perfect sense.

Graphically, cut scenes aside, you may find it lacking by today's standards. It is reminiscent of something you may have played on the Sega Genesis or SNES with charming 16 bit sprites and colorful environments that are 2D. But trust me when I say this takes absolutely nothing away from a game, let alone this game.

Freebird spent a lot of time making sure that what they were putting out made certain that you (the player) would pay attention to the right thing: the story. Because it would be a great disservice to you for your attention while playing To The Moon to be anywhere else.

It doesn't have much re-playability, no more than a good book you may wish to dust off and read again might, but that's okay. They aren't charging an unreasonable amount of money for the enjoyment this game will give you, even if just the once.