Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mass Effect

So we're some of the first to get our hands on Mass Effect for the 360. Mass Effect is a TPS/RPG hybrid. If I had to think of a simple way to compare it to other games it'd be something like: Mass Effect is like Knights of The Old Republic has a lovechild with Star Trek with very unique outcomes.

I know a lot of people have short attention spans so I'll sum up everything I'm about to say right now: Buy Mass Effect.

While Mass Effect is not my usual cup of tea, being cross genre, it a wonderful game that combines superb graphics with an innovative combat system, great voice acting, fun gameplay, a convincing musical score, a well told and well thought out plot, and  best of all it stays true to Bioware's style of letting you choose whether to be a good guy, neutral, or a total dickhead.

My only real complaint is that I'd rather not cross genres when it comes to my RPGs. If I want to play an RPG, I'll play an RPG. If I want to play a shooter, I'll play a shooter. But I digress.

The hero of the game is Shepherd, a completely customizable character that can be either male or female. Your options are also fairly impressive, with sliders letting you change build, facial features, and hair rather than pre-set options.

Much to my dismay the game suffers a bit from "next gen" syndrome -- being too short. But! Don't let that deter you. Though the main story of Mass Effect can be completed in around 17 hours that does not include side quests, hidden content, or varying scenarios, all of which you will definitely want to uncover.

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